The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”  I Samuel 3:10

Life is full of decisions.  Some of them are mundane and easy.  Some are hard.  We know this.  Should I stay in my current job or take the new opportunity overseas?  Should I invest in the new venture or wait for the market to turn?  In the college world, I get involved in a lot of, “What should I major in?”  There is also a lot of, “Should I be involved in a relationship with this person or not?”  Mercifully, I don’t have to get involved in those.

When we face those difficult decisions, we can plaintively seek God’s help.  I have stayed up many a night seeking God’s guidance for a big decision.  We can ask our family and friends to pray with us.  We can search the scriptures methodically, or spontaneously, trying to get a word from God on what to do.

None of those are bad things.  God can speak to us in all different ways.  But when God speaks, it always comes with a level of compulsion for us and it almost always requires us to make change on the inside, whether or not it requires change on the outside.  Exodus 20 contains 10 commandments, zero suggestions.  Matthew 28:16-20 sets forth the Great Commission, not the Great Opportunity.

In our text for today, young Samuel was ready for whatever God would lay on him.  He didn’t know what was coming but one thing he knew – his relationship to God was one of servant.  Is that how we come to God?  Are we really asking for Him to reduce our risk, to affirm our ambitions, to promise us His help?

Let us come to the Lord seeking His word, fully prepared to adjust our lives to whatever He will say.  Let’s bring Him our questions with open hands.  Let’s dare to ask God to speak to us.  Knowing that we, His servants, are prepared to listen.