The Lord is near to all who call on him,
    to all who call on him in truth.  Psalm 145:18

In business we work hard to sell people on our products.  We package them attractively, promote them vigorously, and distribute them widely.  Sometimes we have to sell our ideas  – persuade, demonstrate, and inspire our audience.  We even have to sell ourselves.   We can invest days and dollars in having the best resume, interview suit, and elevator pitch.

Those are great skills for any business person but when we move so frequently in that world, we can tend to approach God the same way.  We may start with explaining our problems to ensure His sympathy.  Then request His help to gain the advantages we need.  We may render some promises on how we will conform to His requirements, based of course on His delivering on His part of the deal.  We will give the Lord our best pitch for how He should support and reward us based on our good performance.

But God doesn’t want to hear our hype.  He has no interest in our promotional material.  He wants the raw, embarrassing reality of our failure and weakness.  God will meet you at the point of your truth, not the point of your propaganda.

In our text for today, the Lord states that He is near those who call on Him in truth.  Those of us who try to whitewash our story for God don’t receive this promise.  The payoff for our honesty is the presence of God.  The whole goodness and greatness of God comes to bear upon us.  The life, truth, salvation, healing, forgiveness and mercy of God all become available to us when we come to Him in humility.

We don’t have to sell God on our needs or attempt to buy His love.  All we have to do is come to Him in our poverty.  He is listening intently for us to call on Him.  Call my friends.  Call on Him in truth and receive Him.