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For when a few years have come,
    I shall go the way from which I shall not return.  Job 16:22

It is extremely common to get so caught up in the day to day pressures of life that you lose track of time passing.  It seems like every day is a whirlwind of pulling yourself out of bed, getting yourself and the family out the door.  Working like a dog all day and then falling into the bed at night so you can do it again.  In the same way, the weeks turn into a blur punctuated by Monday morning lows and Friday evening highs.  The years aren’t much better – bills, birthdays, vacations, and holidays.

And then it is gone.  A year has passed.  You have been here before.  Some of us have been here many, many times.  We can recount Christmas celebrations from decades ago.  We mark time not by years and months but by births and tragedies.  (“What year did you have that surgery again, Sweetheart?”)

But in our text for today, Job reminds us – time only goes one direction.  The back cover of your book is not moving and every chapter brings you closer.  So many of us get lost in the story the end hits us by surprise.  Perhaps we are afraid to look ahead.

It doesn’t have to be that way!  Every day we can dedicate the day’s steps forward.  We can be thankful for everything the Lord provides, week by week.  Every year we can celebrate our progress in sanctification and maturity.  Our destination is intended to be beautiful, if we prepare for it.

Put time on your side, my friends.  Mark your progress as you grow in humility and in love for the Lord and his creatures.  Be thankful for our journey and doubly thankful for our destination, the eternal presence of the Lord.

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