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This week’s Devotional is brought to us by Mr. David Taylor, an Economics major at the McLane College of Business and a competitive body builder.  Thanks, David!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

The new year is in full swing and those of us who made promises to ourselves about the coming year are starting to look inward for resolve.  A lot of folks abandon their resolutions by mid-January but its appropriate to celebrate those who succeed.  Some believers, empowered by God and cognizant of His sweet grace, galvanize their commitment with the Lord’s help, rather than inner determination, and go on to experience tremendous change as God is free to work in their lives.

I have had a close-up view of an older couple this month who might possibly be the most spiritually attuned pair I have ever met.  They determined to use the new year to ensure that Christ could speak through them for many years to come.  It has been just over two weeks and they look stronger and healthier, and seem so much more on fire in their daily lives. Imagine the work they will do for the kingdom now.  Imagine it further down the road!  The Lord has taken their offering of a humble commitment and is building something great for them and for His Kingdom.

The strength they received to transform their bodies and the diligence required to face the inevitable adversity are miniature examples of God’s gifts from above.  Our Lord, ever the beacon of righteous consistency, did not place indecision in our souls.  He offers us the gifts of strength and commitment as blessings from above.  Every time we tap into those gifts we should see His grace.  Without Him, those gifts are unavailable, and our inner search for them yields only emptiness.

Inward attention, especially at key points like the new year, is important in goal setting.  It is God, however, who provides the power to fulfill those promises.  Grab ahold of those challenging goals you made, and prepare to be astonished by the gifts you will receive.  In your progress, God will be known.

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