The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.  1 John 2:17.

Those of us in business are painfully familiar with the concept of obsolescence.  You buy a case of business cards and name tags for every one in your department, a week before the company logo gets changed.  Even as a consumer, my father learned he had made a mistake six months after he bought a Sony Betamax video recorder.  Some products might last forever except that they turn out to be useless.

There are different strategies for dealing with products that are on their way out.  One approach is to do nothing and keep using the outmoded product as long as possible.  My father tried that one.  He watched the three or four videos he was able to get for his Betamax machine over and over, all while new titles were appearing daily for the dominant VHS format.

This strategy provided him with some very real psychological benefits.  First, he didn’t have to change anything.  That tends to make a person more comfortable.  Second, he got to affirm his own choice.  We all prefer to think we make good decisions.  Of course there were some real costs, too.  The opportunity for watching all the movies and shows that were becoming available in VHS was lost.

The opposite strategy for dealing with an obsolescent product is to switch to the new, replacement product immediately.  That approach will cost us the discomfort of change and the pain of knowing we might have made a bad choice.  But the benefit is that our investment in that new product will provide immediate benefits and ultimately pay off big.

Applying that same logic to our verse for today indicates an important decision faces us.

There are things we love about this world.  I love the feeling of accomplishing the tasks I set for myself.  I like it when I get affirmed by the people I work for.  I appreciate being able to purchase something cool that I have wanted for a while.

The problem of course, is that all those things I love about the world are already obsolescent.  They are passing away.  My walk with the Lord and His activity in my life are all that is going to survive into eternity.  Should I continue to invest in the things I love about the world or dump them now in favor of the things that will last?

I don’t know about you, but I am hoping to transition to the Kingdom of God as quickly as possible.