And they crucified him and divided his garments among them, casting lots for them, to decide what each should take.

Personal morality is sometimes held in low esteem in the working world.  Someone tells you how a co-worker drank to the point of passing out on a business trip and then laughs about how funny it was.  A client whose conversations are replete with blasphemy is described as having “colorful language”.  Even the boss who takes home his office supplies for his children to use at school is seen as “petty” and none of his subordinates would ever report him for it. 

We are used to living lives of sin.  At some level, we have accepted sin and rebranded it as unimportant.  We have all grown insensitive to it at some level.  Some of us have grown so insensitive that even the horrific stories on the news no longer trouble us. 

God does not feel that way about it.  Personal morality is of deadly importance to God.  Whether we act and think in accord with His requirements for us determines the course of our lives and our eternal destiny.  If you ever wondered how God feels about your personal morality, read our text for today. 

What would our lives look like if we took morality as seriously as God does?  It would change how we thought, talked, and acted.  It would change how we worked, spent our leisure time, and related to others.  Perhaps most important, it would change what we wanted.  We would study pious living.  We would celebrate the righteous acts of our friends and neighbors.  We would devote ourselves to living out the Heart of God. 

If you see the disconnect between your own moral life and the life the Lord called you to, there is no better time to change your trajectory.  Today is the day.  And it all starts by assigning the correct value to your moral walk with God.  Start by agreeing today that the Lord’s ways are right and that our traveling those ways is worth not only our lives but the very sacrifice of Christ.