Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.  Matthew 6:34

Our devotional this week is brought to us by Ms. Alejandra Tristan, a student at the McLane College of Business.

Day after day, many of us remain firmly focused on our next step in life. When can I take my next holiday break? When will this job come to an end? When and how can I move up in this organization? Some of us are so fixated on the future, we completely fail to enjoy our current position in life.

It’s not a surprise.  Many of us were raised in this manner of thinking.  We were taught to go, go, go and to keep reaching for the next rung on the ladder. Few of us received equal encouragement to “stop and smell the roses”.

Our culture of striving for success has produced a new kind of anxiety – uncertainty about what is next for us.  We may be confident that we will be safe, satisfied, and well supported in the future.  But the simple anxiety of not knowing when we will reach a new level of accomplishment can put us in anguish.

While we could be enjoying today, we are instead busy making plans for tomorrow.  Sometimes, our minds are so set on the future that we even fail to enjoy the moment that we planned so heavily for in the past! When that future moment arrives, instead of enjoying it, we are already anxiously awaiting new moments ahead.  

With all its negative consequences, one gift of the COVID-19 experience has been the disruption of some of our plans. During quarantine, some of my friends told me about how their family dinners have made them so much better connected with the ones they love. They met around the table, forgetting the bustle of their go, go, go lifestyle, and took time to focus on family, just being together and enjoying the moment.

Our Scripture today reminds us that, as we walk (not run) through life, we will be blessed to limit ourselves to the anxieties of the day, and leave tomorrow’s anxieties for tomorrow.