In the pride of his countenance the wicked does not seek him;
    all his thoughts are, “There is no God.”  Psalm 10:4

Years ago I heard a story about two young boys, Bobby and Jimmy, who broke a church window.  Jimmy escaped the scene but the pastor was able to collar Bobby and led him by the ear into the church office.  Seeking to teach the rascal a lesson about the Lord’s omnipresence, the pastor asked the boy, “Bobby, where is God?”  The boy looked at the floor nervously but said nothing.  The pastor, already out of patience, shouted at the boy, “Come on Bobby, where is God?”  Young Bobby jumped up and ran out of the church.  He found his confederate at their usual hiding place and told him. “Jimmy, we’re in serious trouble.”  “It was just a window” his friend complained.  “Oh no”, said Bobby, “God is missing and they think we had something to do with it.”

It is comical to think that Jimmy and Bobby somehow disposed of God.  But equally amusing is the idea that learned scholars have somehow rendered God non-existent by declaration.  God is no more dependent on Friedrich Nietzsche than He is on Bobby and Jimmy.

We, on the other hand, can feel intimidated by atheistic writers who marshal well-crafted arguments that God is irrelevant, mythological, or dead.  We often fall silent in the face of such critics.  We “know” their arguments are flawed but can feel completely ill-equipped to counter them.

Unfortunately for us, that is not our true failing.  When we face those who would deny the Lord through arguments, our inability to respond to those arguments can make us begin to doubt God’s existence, rather than our own competence.  Our response to those who would deny the Lord says absolutely nothing about Him but everything about us.

The Lord is indomitable.  It is only our faith that is weak.