Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise;
    his greatness no one can fathom.  Psalm 145:3

The Bible makes pretty clear that we owe our Heavenly Father our worship, our obedience, and our love.  But some people are uncomfortable with the idea of worshiping God because we have to.  Maybe it is because we have enough rebellion in us that we don’t like the idea of owing God, or anyone else, anything.  That certainly sounds like me some days.

But if you or the people to whom you witness have trouble with God’s sovereignty, it is entirely possible to give God the glory He is due based on His merit.  God is not just owed our worship, He is worthy of it.

In some workplaces the fourth quarter of the year is when we start talking bonuses.  They are usually distributed, when they are, purely on a merit basis.  The company usually doesn’t commit to paying anyone a bonus.  There is not right to a bonus.  They are awarded to recognize and reward those who have made a worthy contribution to the life of the business.

If you had an individual in your business who happened to be the founder, then bought back the business when it had been stolen, would you consider that worthy of reward?  What if that same individual made every day meaningful, showed compassion and infinite self-sacrifice for every other individual in the business and those with whom it interacted?  What if that individual related to everyone like a kind father, a wise teacher, and a loyal brother?

Can we agree that whether we think we owe God our worship or not, He is entirely worthy of it.  He is the greatest, most beautiful, most life-giving person in the universe.  He loves us like children and in Him we live, move and have our being.  He provides cosmic protection for us and lends meaning to every breath we breathe.

Worship the Lord, for He is worthy.