Issue 24.2 Contributors

Today is an exciting day for The Windhover: we’re announcing the contributors to the upcoming issue, which will be published in August (also when you’ll be able to order your copy). We received submissions from over 500 (!) people in this cycle, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to read everyone’s work. 24.2 includes art, creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from the following 30 people.

Strange Light: A Dispatch from Isolation–by Daniel Bowman Jr.

Our gods are in favour of cymbals.

It’s the other thing that kills us—the field
of uninterrupted grass, the on and on of nothing.
How can you bear it?

            -from “The Coronapocalypse Will Be Televised” by Tishani Doshi

I open the back hatch of the car, still on edge from my first encounter with people in a public space in days. I catch my reflection in the window. My long beard is sticking out of my mask in odd, unruly ways. The only masks I have are respirators from the garage, found among cans of paint and varnish, and they’re a tight fit. I panic, start to sanitize my hands and the car door handle, then think, no, obviously I should load the groceries first. There’s no playbook for this; I’m making it up as I go along. That’s one of the worst realities an autistic person must confront, and it manifests, acidic, in the back of my throat.