Contributors for Issue 22.2

We received submissions from nearly 350 writers for the upcoming Fall issue, 22.2. We thank everyone for submitting, and we are excited to formally announce the contributors for this great forthcoming issue!

David Athey

Maggie Bailey

Chris Boldt

Michelle Brooks

Allison Chesnut

Michael Dean Clark

Barbara Crooker

Chris Ellery

Renee Emerson

Jennifer Stewart Fueston

Daniel Gleason

Patricia L. Hamilton

Maryanne Hannan

Carrie Heimer

Laura Hogan

Cara Howard

Joshua Hren

David James

Katie Karnehm-Esh

Julia Kennedy

Blake Kilgore

Laurie Klein

Sarah Law

Michael Lythgoe

Megan McDermott

Devon Miller-Duggan

Laurence Musgrove

Amy Nemecek

Derek Otsuji

Nathaniel A. Schmidt

Luci Shaw

Bill Stadick

Marjorie Stelmach

Jacob Stratman

David Swanagin

Larry D. Thacker

David Wright