Contributors for issue 23.2

Over the past months the editorial staff have been reading and reviewing submissions from people across the globe. At long last, and after much deliberation, we have finalized our decisions for issue 23.2 of The Windhover, which will be released in August. Below are the names of those 35 talented individuals whose work will appear in the upcoming issue. We’re excited to share their creations with you!

Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Editor, The Windhover

Cicily Bennion

Chris Boldt

Reine Bouton

Kit Carlson

Neil Carpathios

Brendan Comiskey

Chris Ellery

Jordan Faber

Diane Glancy

D.A. Gray

Patricia Hamilton

Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo

Carrie Heimer

Matthew E. Henry

David Hill

Laura Hogan

Joshua Hren

Nicholas Kauffman

Laurie Klein

Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis

Brodie Lowe

Marjorie Maddox

John C. Mannone

D.S. Martin

Susan McLean

Devon Miller-Duggan

Stella Nesanovich

James Owens

Richard Pierce

Forrest Rapier

Luci Shaw

Judith Sornberger

Bill Stadick

Sally Thomas

Laura Wang