Issue 24.2 Contributors

Today is an exciting day for The Windhover: we’re announcing the contributors to the upcoming issue, which will be published in August (also when you’ll be able to order your copy). We received submissions from over 500 (!) people in this cycle, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to read everyone’s work. 24.2 includes art, creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from the following 30 people.

Chris Anderson

C.J. Bell

Mark D. Bennion

Christine H. Boldt

Johanna Caton

Lesley Clinton

William Foy Coker

Olga Dugan

Rebecca Edgren

Renee Emerson

Chris Harold

Carrie Heimer

Matthew E. Henry

G.E. Kittredge

Laurie Klein

Joshua Kulseth

D.S. Martin

Michael Marks

Megan McDermott

David E. Poston

Arthur Powers

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

Jacob Riyeff

Matthew Roth

J.C. Scharl

Bill Stadick

Laurel Stevens

Sally Thomas

G.C. Waldrep

John Zedolik