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Keynote Presenter for the 2018 Windhover WF

We are excited to announce our keynote presenter for the 2018 Windhover Writers’ Festival (Feb. 14-16): Suzanne M. Wolfe.

Suzanne grew up in Manchester, England, and read English Literature at Oxford University. She is Writer in Residence at Seattle Pacific University, and her most recent novel, The Confessions of X, won the 2017 Fiction Award from Christianity Today. She is also the author of Unveiling: A Novel (Paraclete Press, 2004). Over twenty-five years ago, she and her husband, Greg Wolfe, co-founded Image Journal, a journal of the arts and faith.

The Windhover 21.2–Contributors

Issue 21.2 of The Windhover was just sent to our graphics editor to begin the process of creating the cover and preparing the issue for printing. The issue will be mailed out mid-August, and as we get close to the “release,” we’ll share more details and images.

For this issue, we received submissions from over 250 writers, and we’re proud to share the names of the 36 writers and 1 visual artist who will be included in the issue. Be sure to order a copy or two (or a subscription) from our online store.