The Windhover 21.2–Contributors

Issue 21.2 of The Windhover was just sent to our graphics editor to begin the process of creating the cover and preparing the issue for printing. The issue will be mailed out mid-August, and as we get close to the “release,” we’ll share more details and images.

For this issue, we received submissions from over 250 writers, and we’re proud to share the names of the 36 writers and 1 visual artist who will be included in the issue. Be sure to order a copy or two (or a subscription) from our online store.

A Long Apprenticeship–Review of “Bearings and Distances” by Glenn Arbery

Newberg, OR: Wiseblood Books, 2015. Paperback. 346 pp. ISBN: 9780692468203

reviewed by Stephen Barnes

The old saw among the literati, that all novel plots can really be reduced to just two—namely, a man goes on a journey, and a stranger comes to town—is given the lie in Glenn Arbery’s stunning first novel, Bearings and Distances. The two plots can be combined, producing a third possibility: a man may leave his home only to return as a stranger, a stranger even to himself.